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Africa Mission Trip 2008 | Starkey Hearing Foundation

My beautiful wife is now into making videos as well so you are going to get a double dose...here is some pics from the mission portion of our trip to Africa this year fitting deaf children with hearing aids.

Kick ass video J!


Diesel Update

I am back at Kinetic Edge tomorrow afternoon after investing 48 hours in Toronto at a mastermind group called Entourage Marketing put on by Craig Ballantyne. I was blown away by the content that I will be able to implement immediately.

For now, Diesel ("the D-man" as we like to call him) is starting to develop his own entourage...

Here he is a week ago...

and today December 2nd at 7 months old and 105lbs...wondering why he's so popular



Gluttony | Thanksgiving | Lean in 13 Cheat Day

Here is a couple of pics featuring some class members who are utilizing their "Free Day" on the Lean in 13 program. One of them has lost 7 pounds in 13 days. Thanksgiving Day we had a workout at 8:00am. At 10:00 am I had this first pic in my inbox:

Caption: "Within seconds of our triumphant return home..."

Caption: "...here's the one from tonight! Unfortunately, after this was taken (3rd or 4th dessert of the day!) I was outvoted and we're going to be recuperating Fri so we'll be ready for Sat's class"

The interesting thing about implementing a scheduled "Cheat Day" into your eating schedule or PhD (Pie-hole Diary) is that once you eat something nasty (which at the time you 'think' you want) you start to feel slightly queasy. Not always, but often.

The word from the street was that these ladies PAID the "PIE-d Piper" after massive indulging. And by their AWOL class attendance this morning, I would have to say the Piper collected + tax :)


Thanksgiving 2008 | Shot of Inspiration

Today is the day before Thanksgiving 2008. What are you thankful for? Take 5 or 10 minutes and write down what you are grateful/thankful to have/be/do in your life. Check out this kid who has maximized his thankfulness. Check your pulse!

Eat some turkey and mashed potatoes for me!



Kinetic Edge Video Tour | I'mmmm baaaaack!

I've been busy since returning from Africa. No excuses though for you my loyal readers (and now viewers). I am committed to stepping up my blog posts. You are going to be seeing A LOT from me starting right now. Less typing / more talking and doing. VIDEO BLOGGING is here! I just bought a "Flip Cam" and it is the EASIEST thing I've ever seen for getting video up on the internet in short order. Also my lovely wife Jordan (J-dawg for those in the know :) already used my new toy right out of the package here:

She will be adding some of her favorite recipes for quick, easy, healthy meals. She is a killer cook and even though she cooks healthy I still need to watch MY portion control.

So for the kids at home this is a Video that requires SOUND so if you are at work...you have been warned! Break the rules anyway, I am WAY more interesting than anything going on at work anyway ;)

P.S. I will be doing some vlogging (check out the cool word) on my Africa Trip as we get pictures back. They are coming soon!


Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting...

I have a confession. Most of you think I am some sort of Fitness Nazi. I might be, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to eat just like you. My confession is I have a sweet tooth like some of you. If it is in my line of sight, I will usually eat it. We're talking ice cream (especially Edy's Sundae Cone Premium), O'Henry bars which are a recipe passed on from mom, and my favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

You see this last weekend, my lovely wife baked a cake because she cannot avoid not using our newly remodeled kitchen...she has an addiction to baking. And when it is in the house...I WILL EAT IT.

Now here's my secret...
I don't let these things in the house very often.

I get upset, well lately "pissed" if she goes and buys me ice cream or bakes me something without my permission. Why? Because I KNOW my tendency will be to consume it in the least amount of sittings possible. By the way, I ate an entire cake by myself in 72 hours. Yeah, not so good no matter how great of shape I'm in.

Now here's something I received today from one of my loyal newsletter readers who has followed my advice...


I just wanted to thank you for the newsletter especially the "Pie Hole Diary".
I started my PHD on July 8th 2008, I weighed in at 230 lbs. I do Kettlebells and Body Weight Excercises 5 days per week.
Today I weighed in at 200 lbs and my goal is 195 by 10-31-08. I have a daily PHD log and I've completely changed my nutrition
to healthy foods and under 1900 calories per day (for my weight). I plan on resetting my goal to 185 after 10-31-08.
I know the PHD changed my life, because I was exercising just as hard before July 8th 2008. The plateau breaking changes I made were Kettlebells, starting the PHD, trying not to exceed my calorie intake, increasing my protein and eliminating drinking alcholic beverages. I started my life change in 2004, when I stepped on the scale and weighed 285 lbs., 4 years later I've lost a total of 85 lbs.. I feel so great, empowered, ton's of energy and just happy to know I'm healthy again and running circles around guys half my age. I was wearing 38 waist blue jeans, yesterday I bought 32 waist blue jeans, I'm 55 going on 25.

Thank You for the "Pie Hole Diary"
Joe Tebbe

Down 30lbs in 3 months because he RECORDED everything he ate to increase his awareness of what he was putting in his pie-hole (in my case "cake-hole")

Are you getting the results you want?

Are you practicing 'table push-ups' ...pushing yourself away from the table?

2 action items:
1 Keep a Pie Hole Journal
2 Avoid eating an entire cake in 72 hours :)

By the way, here is a 'friend of the program' update. He eats at the rate of about 1 entire yellow cake both morning and night.

From this: 13 pounds at 7 weeks old

To this: 70 pounds at 23 weeks old